About Us

As the firm proprietor, I have a plus-11 year experience in the insurance and finance trade, acquired by working with domestic and foreign-based entities.

      My office operates pursuant to the Insurance Agency Act of 22 May 2003 (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 124 Item 1153 as later amended) under license no 1350 as issued by the Insurance and Pensions Funds Supervising Commission in Warsaw. The broker’s activity is supervised by the Finance Supervision Commission.

Our customers’ security is guaranteed by a mandatory policy for third party liability insurance cover for the amount of 1,500,000 EUR.

        My foremost purpose as a insurance broker is to service business entities in a manner that any insurance for your own or your company’s assets should always be taken in a professional, complete and, first of all, safe way,  and in the event of a claim its settlement should be without any doubts carried out, and the amount of compensation should allow for recovery of the company’s standing to the prior-to-claim condition within the insurance guarantees.    

For this reason we wish to offer you the best insurance solutions at a feasibly competitive price for all insurance covers.               

      Since each business line has its own peculiarities and various needs for insurance cover, there does not exist any ideal standard solution. The basis for safe functioning of the company is to draw up an insurance plan which will assess specific risks possible, their level, and the value of material damage sustained by the company as their consequence while having no insurance or having an inadequate cover.

Many new, including foreign, insurance companies have sprawled out in Poland. It is to the insurance client’s advantage as this extends the range of offers. Nevertheless, making a right choice is becoming more difficult. Selection of a proper solution within available offers in the insurance market is definitely safer through the intermediary of an independent broker acting as an advisor.