Apart from standard insurance cover against fire and theft, related to fixed-assets property such as  buildings, construction and working capital, I would like to offer you, among others, insurance with the following coverage:

- insurance on machines and apparatuses, manufacturing lines against all risks- insurance to  be taken on all-risk –basis , including a possible clause on profit-loss risk in case of any failure of machine or apparatus,

- financial insurance – which constitutes a new, little-known property insurance group, whose the very existence and growth is strictly linked with the market economy, in particular its financial sector. Business entities, entering into numerous relations with each other, bear risks which arise out of business transactions (loss of liquidity, shortage of means for financing its undertakings). Financial insurance, which includes insurance on trade receivables, trade credit, contract performance bond, enable to replace imperfect types of securing receivables-especially such as trade credits.

-   insurance guarantees relating to:

• customs and tax charges (customs duty) – all procedures,     

• contract performance      

• elimination of defects and faults

• bid bond,    

• return of deposit


- loss of profit insurance- constitutes an unusually important type of insurance any time when you deal with a manufacturing line and long-term contracts for supply of your products to customers. Such insurance refers also to other types of activity where stoppage of a delivery cycle may incur substantial losses.

- third-party liability insurance for business activity – along with the rise in the society awareness and dynamic development of our economy , there appear needs for civil liability insurance for  business entities not only on a general basis but also including optional civil liability for product, tenants, members on the board or commercial company authority, forwarding agents.

- insurance cover against all risks of construction and CAR assembly- both for individual contracts as well as a global agreement.  The requirements of today as set to Contractors by their Investors as well as safeguarding of Contractor’s own interests make this insurance type become one of the basic insurance for construction/assembly and other service-providing companies.

-employees’ personal insurance- give security to employees in the event of unfortunate accidents at work, on the way to and from, and in their private life.

-group and individual life assurances – since 1999 the Act on social insurance reform has been in force. The correct interpretation of executive regulations will require the employer to initiate cooperation with an insurance advisor. His/her task is to single out, from the pooled offers of insurance companies, the most advantageous solution for the company in respect to employee’s pension scheme.

In my business I cooperate with insurance companies which offer the most modern and safest products for group pension schemes.


     In addition,  making use of international contacts and experience of Swedish company  SKOOG FÖRSÄKRINGSMÄKLERI AB, with which I have worked since 1997, and owing to that collaboration I have acquainted myself with foreign standards and insurance products. They are not part of the standing offer. Nevertheless, I can offer them to our clients after the legal insurance procedure has expired. This refers to, among others, wide range of comprehensive insurance covering unfortunate accidents and individual coverage such as International Savings Program for Insurance by company Friends Provident, whose the deposit part is based on English financial instruments. 


      Reaching out with this offer I wish to underline that I am fully qualified and experienced in insurance service of business entities.  

I collaborate with a wide spectrum of highly specialized experts, who are ready to approach assessment of risks, and suitable and complete insurance scheme of your company.


Our clients include:


  1. Bibliotek  Miejska
  2. Becker Sp.z o.o.
  3. Bomi  Serwis Sp.z o.o.o Sp.K.
  5. BUD MAR Sp.z o.o.
  8. DANMAR S.C.
  9. E.C. POLAND Sp.z o.o.  II
  10. E.C Poland Sp.z o.o.  |I
  11. EKO – BRUK
  12. ELWAT
  13. ELWAT TEAM Sp.z o.o.
  16. JUKO Sp.z o.o.
  17. Wojdyła Budownictwo Sp. z o.o.
  18. PRB Wojdyła 
  19. Wojdyła Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.
  20. Wojdyła Business Park  S.A.  
  21. Wojdyła Nieruchomości Sp.z o.o
  22. PTHU  BATIS 
  23. Elgar 
  24. KEWES FLORISTIK Sp.z o.o.  
  25. KONSTAK Sp.z o.o.
  26. KSM TRADING Sp. z o. o.
  27. LESKI P.T.H.
  28. Electric Power
  29. Firma PERBET
  30. EKO REGION Sp. z o.o.
  31. ELWOJ Wojciechowscy s.j.
  32. WIBUD
  33. SIRA Sp. z o.o.
  34. STIVEX 
  36. Kancelaria Podatkowa TAX
  37. Kancelaria Podatkowa SALDO 
  38. Kancelaria Podatkowa GAMMA s.c.
  39. PTHU ŁAZY 
  41. Firma TARKOP
  42. IM BUD  M. Soboń 
  43. LUKOR Sp.z o.o.
  44. Stivex Serwis


      Engaging in insurance service, my target is to provide security and comfort to our clients. Accomplishment of the above tasks is guaranteed by my own and my colleagues’ professionalism and experience.

      Please note that brokerage is not to the client’s account.          

In pursuance to common practice and laws, a broker is remunerated by insurance companies by way of commission on brokered insurance.

      If you are interested in my offer I am ready to quickly and efficiently embrace your assignments.